What’s new in the world of internships at Indiana INTERNnet (the free internship matching service managed by the Indiana Chamber)?

Concierge intern matching: One of the newest services available to employers is concierge internship matching. The Indiana INTERNnet staff is ready to assist interested employers by offering up to five potential candidates that match search parameters set by the employer. The fee is $249 for the first position and $75 for every subsequent position.

“We recognize that most HR departments have a lean staff, or even just one person wearing many hats, including the ever-important “recruiter” hat. Our concierge intern matching can help those searching for talent do so quickly and efficiently,” Indiana INTERNnet Executive Director Mike Slocum notes. “Let our team be an addition to your team.”

10,000 students (and counting): More students than ever are searching for internships on IndianaINTERN.net! In fact, the Indiana INTERNnet team recently celebrated a milestone goal of having 10,000 students actively searching for internships. And of those students, a number are eligible for EARN Indiana (which enables employers to receive up to 50% state matching funds).

And though spring has sprung and summer’s just around the corner, it’s not too late to post your organization’s summer internship positions. Or get a leg up for the fall by starting your recruitment efforts right now. Employers can start the process here.

High school students are also actively searching on the platform, Slocum offers.

“Now, more than ever, students are realizing the importance of internships – even at the high school level – as a way to find jobs after graduation. Internships are often a way to ‘cut the line’ for finding those good jobs after graduation.”

Upcoming events: Ongoing events, workshops and webinars can help employers lean how to start or improve an internship program.

Indiana INTERNnet is partnering with the Shafer Leadership Academy of Muncie to offer Fusion: Leading Multigenerational Teams from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on May 16. This interactive workshop is open to supervisors and interns and will explore the various social, political and economic influences that shape the working attitudes of the five generations currently in the workforce.

Additionally, Indiana INTERNnet will again host several summer networking events for interns and mentors. More information will be provided soon.

Charlee Beasor is the communications & PR manager for the Indiana Chamber. She is also a writer for the Chamber’s award-winning BizVoice magazine and has been with the organization for eight years.