(INDIANAPOLIS) — Indiana Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Kevin Brinegar comments on President Donald Trump’s tax reform framework, unveiled today in Indianapolis, and what the Indiana Chamber is looking for in legislation:

“The Indiana Chamber is advocating for a plan that will accelerate economic growth and expand jobs, and allow the U.S. to be more competitive with other countries. We believe President Trump’s tax proposal will do just that.

“In addition to making things simpler and fairer for taxpayers, the President’s plan is projected to be revenue-neutral after the first few years – due to the enhanced economic growth that’s expected. It’s vitally important to overhaul the tax code to maximize economic growth and not saddle future generations with additional debt.

“(Today and tomorrow) We are in Washington along with more than 100 of the state’s business leaders. Collectively, we are urging the Hoosier delegation to set aside partisan concerns and work toward a revenue-neutral, comprehensive reform of the federal tax code.”


The Indiana Chamber partners with 25,000 members and investors – representing over four million Hoosiers – to achieve the mission of “cultivating a world-class environment which provides economic opportunity and prosperity.”