(INDIANAPOLIS) — Indiana Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Kevin Brinegar urges Congress to pass the “Phase 3” stimulus package in response to the coronavirus pandemic:

“Partisanship battles in Washington must give way to doing the right thing for Americans – both the companies that are in danger of closure and their employees suffering the economic impacts. The current Senate proposal would help business owners keep their doors open and allow them to pay their employees. Fewer workers would be subject to layoffs, and they would have access to their paychecks in order to support their families.

“There is no time for further delay. While the health crisis threatens lives every day, even more livelihoods are at stake. We urge Congress to come together and take the right steps today.”

The Indiana Chamber has a statewide employer coronavirus resources page – https://www.indianachamber.com/coronavirus – which provides information under three umbrellas: Health, Tools You Can Use and Government and Community Assistance.


The Indiana Chamber partners with 25,000 members and investors – representing over four million Hoosiers – to achieve the mission of “cultivating a world-class environment which provides economic opportunity and prosperity.”