On Wednesday, the House Ways and Means Committee and the House Utilities, Energy and Telecommunications Committee held a joint hearing to take informational testimony concerning the utilities receipts tax. The tax – paid by all ratepayers – is 1.4% and applies to the taxable gross receipts of Indiana’s utilities.

A few Chamber members provided information about the impact of the tax on their bottom lines. Additionally, the Chamber’s Bill Waltz provided informational testimony regarding the tax. Overall, the Chamber believes Indiana should develop and maintain an energy leadership policy that ensures the state’s continued access to adequate, reliable, affordable and cost-effective energy.

This subject may get more attention in a summer study committee or during next year’s legislative session – taking into consideration the potential changing rates of utilities due to tax law changes at the federal level. Stay tuned!

Resource: Greg Ellis at (317) 264-6881 or email: [email protected]