When the Indiana Vision 2025 economic development action plan was being formulated by a statewide task force in 2010-2011, the end point seemed in the distant horizon. The evolution of time has eliminated that concern. And while significant progress has been achieved in many areas, with only six years to go the mantra now is to “run faster and jump higher”.

“There is no doubt that Indiana’s strong business climate is attributed, in part, to having this plan, measuring our progress and working toward the ultimate goals,” states Indiana Chamber President and CEO Kevin Brinegar. “Business and community leaders at the local level who have focused and aligned their efforts, as well as policy champions in state government, deserve credit.

“But the work is never complete. Indiana has gaps – particularly in education performance and health outcomes – and other states are not standing still. Additional resources, measurement, policies and programs are required to ensure our state is achieving at the highest possible level.”

The Indiana Chamber Foundation oversees the financing for Indiana Vision 2025. Brock Hesler, director of membership for the Chamber for the last five years, is now also guiding Foundation relations. Funding for Indiana Vision 2025 includes:

  • Research studies that identify challenges or opportunities in Indiana and lead to policy formation
  • Report cards (the fourth biannual version will be produced this year) that measure Indiana against other states and provide some regional evaluation within the state
  • Communicating the results and listening to regional efforts through 2019 forums, BizVoice magazine stories and analysis and more
  • Producing the policies and implementing the programs needed to realize greater success for companies, their employees and the state

Success takes a team effort. Lead investors for 2019 already include NIPSCO, Vectren, Thompson Thrift, WGU Indiana and Amatrol.

To be part of the Indiana Vision 2025 team – to benefit your community, region and the state – contact Hesler ([email protected]) at (317) 264-7539.

Tom Schuman is the senior vice president of communications & operations for the Indiana Chamber. He is also the editor of the Chamber’s award-winning BizVoice magazine and has been with the organization for 20 years.