The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released the long-awaited replacement to the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan (CPP). The Indiana Chamber has been a staunch advocate for repeal of the CPP, which mandated a cut in the entire power sector’s emissions, and had made that request to the Trump administration.

At the heart of the problem with the CPP: It would dramatically increase energy prices for business and residential consumers with minimal improvement in air quality.

The new, more reasonable Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) rule provides a good blueprint of where the EPA is now headed. The Global Energy Institute at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce offers an informed breakdown of the proposed rule and stresses seven ways the ACE is better than CPP:

  1. EPA doesn’t stray beyond the bounds of the Clean Air Act
  2. States are truly in the driver’s seat
  3. “Flexibility” isn’t just a tagline
  4. New Source Review program is addressed
  5. Remaining useful life considerations are permitted
  6. Emissions will continue to decline
  7. Vastly improved regulatory process

Full details of the Global Energy Institute’s analysis are available here.

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