(INDIANAPOLIS) — Indiana Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Kevin Brinegar reacts to Governor Pence’s infrastructure funding announcement:

“Transportation infrastructure is a critical economic development tool and job creation asset that impacts the economic prosperity of all Hoosiers. It’s time to shift the conversation from rhetoric and finger pointing to solutions.

“We are encouraged that today’s near-term plan from Gov. Pence uses appropriate funding sources to start to get Indiana back ‘on the road’ to safely and efficiently moving our state’s people and products.

“Future needs, however, have been well documented. Policymakers must come together in a bipartisan manner to begin serious conversations about the long-term challenges that include a nearly $1 billion gap annually in required road and bridge maintenance – not to mention funding for new construction, added travel lanes and more to fuel future economic growth.

“Our state, unlike the federal government in recent years, is willing to make the difficult choices and work to turn our limitations into assets. That work begins today and must continue with the necessary urgency from all involved. We anticipate the soon-to-be-released Indiana Department of Transportation study on long-term funding alternatives will be a key part of that effort.”


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