(INDIANAPOLIS) — The Indiana Chamber of Commerce is backing Congresswoman Jackie Walorski (R-South Bend) in her re-election bid for the 2nd District.

“Jackie Walorski has repeatedly stood up for small businesses and against harmful government regulations and intrusion,” says Indiana Chamber President and CEO Kevin Brinegar. “She is a champion for job creation, economic growth and free enterprise – all of which are at the top of the list of what’s needed for both our state and nation to have economic prosperity.”

States Walorski: “As the daughter of a small business owner, I was raised to know the hard work that goes into growing a business and creating good jobs. I am grateful to stand with the Indiana Chamber and fight for Hoosier businesses and manufacturers by reining in out-of-control regulations and making our tax code more simple and fair so our economy can grow.”

This endorsement announcement was made on behalf of the Indiana Chamber’s nonpartisan federal PAC, which is comprised of volunteer business leaders from around the state. The group made the decision to endorse Walorski after a review of her voting record on important business issues before Congress.


The Indiana Chamber partners with 25,000 members and investors – representing over four million Hoosiers – to achieve the mission of “cultivating a world-class environment which provides economic opportunity and prosperity.”