There are many opportunities to be familiar with the works of Arthur C. Brooks. At the top of the list: Leader of the American Enterprise Institute since 2009, author of 11 books and contributing opinion writer for the New York Times.

But among the things you may not know about Brooks himself: He initially dropped out of college to become a classical musician, a career he enjoyed for 12 years. He taught economics and social entrepreneurship at Syracuse University.

Brooks is the keynote speaker for the Chamber Day Dinner (formerly Legislative Dinner) on March 12 at the Indiana Roof Ballroom. The annual event brings together 700-plus policy, business and community leaders.

A conversation with Brooks on the EchoChamber podcast will debut February 5. You can listen to the full episode here ( at that time. As a sneak preview, he discusses:

  • A potential change in extreme rule
  • Challenges that social media brings
  • His thoughts on Indiana and the Midwest
  • Why his overall view is “hopeful” instead of “optimistic”

Brooks says, “I just saw data that showed 93% of Americans hate how divided we have become. That means 7% don’t hate it, but those 7% kind of have an industry of setting us against each other. … For now, the 7% is driving the train. But they won’t forever because Americans are tired of it. They’re tired of hating; they’re tired of the bitterness; they’re tired of the polarization and they’re about to turn on the 7%.”

Brooks’ 12th book, Love Your Enemies, will be released the same day as the Chamber Day Dinner (each attendee will receive a complimentary copy at the event). He is leaving the American Enterprise Institute this summer and joining the Harvard Kennedy School to focus on the area of public leadership. He will also be affiliated with the Harvard Business School.

Purchase a table (gold: $2,500; standard: $1,650) or tickets ($165 per person) online.

The Chamber Day Dinner is presented by Ice Miller LLP. The reception sponsor is Caesars Entertainment.

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