Bill # and Title: HB 1419 – Various Alcoholic Beverage Matters
Author: Rep. Ben Smaltz (R-Auburn)
Summary: This bill establishes requirements that a sales clerk in a grocery store or drug store must satisfy beginning July 1, 2020, in order to sell alcoholic beverages. It allows alcoholic beverages of any type to be sold from a portable structure or cart on a golf course. It repeals provisions regarding the following: (1) malt manufacturer’s permit; (2) malt wholesaler’s permit; (3) malt dealer’s permit; (4) malt excise tax; and (5) seasonal resort hotel permit. The bill requires a grocery store, convenience store or pharmacy to display alcoholic beverages in one area of the store. It reduces the escrow period for an alcoholic beverage permit from five years to two years. The bill amends for consistency provisions that allow a manufacturer of two types of alcoholic beverages, which has both production facilities in one building, to serve alcohol from both production facilities at a single service bar. It also adds a similar provision in the law regarding artisan distilleries. It specifies that the holder of an artisan distiller’s permit may hold only one other manufacturer’s permit. It allows a patron to carry wine into a restaurant and the permit holder to charge a corkage fee for serving wine brought in by a patron. …
Chamber Position: Neutral
Status: Heard by the Public Policy Committee on Wednesday and passed by a vote of 13-0; now eligible for further action on the House floor.

Update/Chamber Action: The Chamber did not provide testimony on this bill but we are monitoring it to make sure that it does not have a negative impact on Indiana businesses.
Resource: Greg Ellis at (317) 264-6881 or email: [email protected]