Scenario 1: You want to advance professionally, but you are lacking some of the desired skills. You have the drive and the talent, but something is standing in your way: tuition costs.

Scenario 2: You’re an employer determined to strengthen your workforce. Time and again, you’ve heard that the key is to find innovative ways to attract and retain talent. One way is through tuition reimbursement … but can you afford the investment?

There’s a solution for both scenarios that benefits employees and employers alike: Ivy Tech Community College’s Achieve Your Degree (AYD) program.

Through the Indiana Chamber’s partnership with Ivy Tech Community College, member companies receive a 5% tuition rebate for the Ivy Tech system. Adding to the financial relief: The employer-paid tuition payment is deferred until the end of each term.

Customized academic plans. Support with financial aid applications. Student advising. Online classes. On-campus coursework. It’s all part of the partnership with Ivy Tech and a benefit of your Indiana Chamber membership.

“Despite having ‘degree’ in the name, it’s not just about getting employees associate’s and bachelor’s degrees,” emphasizes Brett Hulse, Indiana Chamber director of membership strategy. “In many cases, companies can also leverage AYD for training certifications and other credentials. These credentials are then ‘stackable,’ which can ultimately be put towards achieving a degree in the longer term. So, it can really help an employer fill a more immediate need in terms of training.”

BizVoice® magazine featured a story in March-April 2019 about how AYD benefits businesses and their associates. Learn how AYD can positively impact your organization at