Dr. Skye Winslow, a Carmel-based hypnotherapist who works with a variety of clients to help them gain mental clarity while mitigating stressors and triggers announced today, in light of April being National Stress Awareness Month, she is recommending everyone consider the benefits of self-hypnosis for managing daily stress.

Winslow HypnosisA recent American Psychological Association (APA) survey on work-related stress revealed that 52% of workers consider work more stressful than home; 66% of American adults suffer from stress induced chronic health conditions; and 62% of Americans hold work as having a significant impact on stress levels. The result is that over one million workers in America, every single day, are absent from work due to stress.

“Stress affects all of us; however, we can learn to control that stress through the practice of self-hypnosis,” said Dr. Winslow. “In our office, we utilize Heart Rate Variability (HRV) equipment, monitoring our clients to see their thoughts in action and understand how those thoughts directly affect their mind and body. When they understand thoughts are measureable energy and create chemical responses, we can show them how to change their thoughts and achieve a non-stress level called coherence: a state in which all body systems work in homeostasis.”

Coherence has proven to create harmony between the cognitive, emotional, and physiological systems. Research shows that this positive state creates cell renewal, clarity, and better problem-solving capabilities.

Dr. Winslow’s 3-Step Stress Solution

  • Breathe Properly: Research suggests diaphragmatic breathing is both relaxing and therapeutic. “You can immediately benefit from this healing breath by breathing in through your nose, allowing your belly to rise and then exhaling slowly from your mouth. After several mindful breaths, you’ll lower your cortisol levels while ramping up restful melatonin.”
  • Nature Appreciation: “Appreciate the natural beauty around you even if it’s in the form of a picture.” Research indicates viewing nature scenes prior to a stressor alters autonomic activity in the recovery period.
  • Perception Matters: A recent article published in Health Psychology noted high amounts of stress and the perception that stress impacts health is each associated with poor physical and mental health. “Individuals who perceived stress as affecting their health and reported themselves as having a great deal of stress had an increased risk of premature death. So, if you’re going to live a life of stress, for goodness sakes, don’t own it!”

Winslow Hypnosis offers affordable group classes, based on an eight-week schedule, to create a stress-free mentality for individuals. Using a doctor’s referral, most individuals can use their health savings account to pay for the service.

For more information, visit: https://www.winslowhypnosis.com