Negative thinking patterns can create unnecessary stress and anxiety, paving the way for unhappiness to invade all areas of a person’s work and home life. In order to help people learn how to develop positive thinking patterns, Winslow Hypnosis is offering free on-site “Brain Retraining” lectures to area businesses, schools and organizations.

The sixty-minute session is taught by Board Certified Hypnotist, Dr. Skye Winslow. Participants learn that “thoughts are things,” and through a live demonstration, they experience how their own thoughts actually create a bodily response. Winslow says, “It’s important for people to understand all thoughts are as real as trees or mountains – they are just a whole lot smaller. Over time, thoughts can affect health and wellness. During the session, they literally experience the importance of positive thinking, while also learning valuable tools to help maintain their newly developed thoughts.”

Participants also learn science-based methods to remove a craving, thought, or emotion in just seconds, and how to calm a busy mind in order to achieve a heightened sense of focus. Dr. Winslow adds, “They’ll learn how memories are made and how habits are created; but most importantly, they’ll learn how to break them. It’s a powerful session that gives people real tools to create immediate positive changes now and through the rest of their lives.”

For a limited time Winslow Hypnosis is offering the program at no cost to companies, schools, and organizations in the Carmel, Fishers, Zionsville, Noblesville, and North Indianapolis areas. The session is suitable for adults and children over 13, with a minimum of 35 participants.

Winslow Hypnosis is a Carmel-based company specializing in weight loss, smoking cessation, chronic pain management, surgery support, stress management, and test taking skills to groups and individuals. Contact Dr. Skye Winslow at 317-373-1315 or [email protected].