The Boston Hill Center provides value to businesses by offering office and retail spaces at an affordable price. Located in downtown Marion, Indiana, the Boston Hill Center believes that quality commercial space offered at bargain prices will inspire businesses to follow their dreams without the fear of gambling their hard-earned cash to expensive monthly rent.

The intimidating costs of commercial space in the United States can reduce potential business profits, crippling their growth. The Boston Hill Center will help businesses feel more secure about making the decision to setup shop in a brick and mortar location at the end of 2019 and beyond.

Business owners can contact the Boston Hill Center to learn more information about available space, pricing, and other information by visiting 

The Boston Hill Center will lease you the space you need to host an event, make art, do business, or anything, really. We understand that expensive rent payments can reduce your profits and limit your goals. If you choose to do business there, we will help you save more of your cash so you can grow your vision faster. Experience working in an affordable downtown community with other businesses at The Boston Hill Center.