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Indiana Model Employee Policies ePub

Model Employee Policies for Indiana Employers – 7th Edition ePub

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This guide is designed to help employers understand the legal implications of an organization’s written policies and procedures, the costs and benefits of placing informal practices in an employee handbook and how to communicate an organization’s values and goals. It includes a compilation of legal commentary and numerous sample policies.

NOTE: Purchasers will also be sent log-in information to a web page with downloadable, editable Word versions of the policies for your convenience.

What’s new in the seventh edition?

  • Practical policies for dealing with new white-collar wage/hour regulations
  • Updated policies attempting to balance employer authority with the increasing overreach of the National Labor Relations Board
  • Revised EEO policies addressing expanding LGBT rights and protections
  • New technology-driven policies recognizing employee preferences for using their own devices for work-related purposes
  • Expanded complaint procedures focused on increasing whistleblowing protections in the workplace
  • Revised policies taking into consideration recent Supreme Court decisions on religious, disability and pregnancy discrimination/accommodations

Who wrote it?

A team of attorneys from the law firm Bose McKinney & Evans.

When was it published?

August 2016