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Here Is Your Indiana Government

Non-member Price: $21.50 each – volume pricing available
Member Price: $21.50 each – volume pricing available
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What is it?

This is a complete guide to Indiana’s government, used by schools and companies since 1942. It provides descriptions and contact information for Indiana’s government offices and agencies, responsibilities of all elected and appointed officials, historical timelines, interesting facts, and much more. This new edition provides updated information regarding the state’s judicial and educational systems, as well as additional charts, an updated list of contact information for elected officials, and more.

How many pages is it?

Here is Your Indiana Government consists of over 200 pages, including charts, photos, historical information and interesting Indiana facts. This edition is easier to reference than ever before.

Who wrote it?

The Indiana Chamber of Commerce has produced Here Is Your Indiana Government for 77 years.

Who should order this product?

  • Community leaders
  • Local governments
  • County governments
  • School teachers
  • College professors
  • Educators
  • Libraries
  • Business leaders
  • Any Indiana citizen interested in our state’s government!

What topics are covered?

  • Changes in Indiana’s government since the inauguration of Governor Eric Holcomb
  • The ABCs of the political process
  • Duties of elected officials
  • Details regarding state government agencies, including number of employees, budget information, mailing addresses, Internet addresses and telephone numbers
  • How a bill becomes law in Indiana
  • Interesting facts about the state and its people
  • City, town and county information
  • The Constitution of Indiana
  • Timeline of Indiana’s government
  • And much more!

Bulk discount pricing is available as follows:

1 to 9 copies: $21.50 each
10 to 25 copies: $14.50 each
26 to 50 copies: $12.00 each
51 to 75 copies: $10.50 each
76 to 100 copies: $9.50 each
101 or more: $9.00 each

Interested in purchasing this book as an ePub (online version)?

Contact [email protected] or call (800) 824-6885 for pricing and access. Bulk pricing for ePub distribution will be based on class size.

ISBN: 978-1-936752-41-6