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Environmental compliance handbook ePub

Environmental Compliance Handbook – 9th Edition ePub

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A plain-English reference guide containing the most up-to-date information regarding employers’ environmental rights and responsibilities under Indiana and federal law.

Publication Date:

January 2018

What’s new in the 9th edition?

  • Updated agency contact information
  • Additional resource links
  • Permitting of greenhouse gases
  • Minor source operating permits
  • New NPDES Permit antidegradation requirements
  • Class VI injection well permits
  • New wastewater management rules
  • IDNR Programmatic General Permits for construction in public lakes and wetlands
  • Army Corps of Engineers nationwide permits for renewable energy projects
  • Biomass and alternative fuels registrations
  • New EPCRA Tier 1/Tier 2 reporting procedures
  • New confined feeding operation requirements