ProTrans announces recognition as one of America’s Leading 3PL’s by Global Trade magazine in its annual September/October “Top 3PLs Issue”.

As in previous issues, 50 of the leading 3PLs providers were divided into various categories denoting various service expertise and company strengths. Companies were chosen based on a year’s worth of study that included their reputation in the industry and new initiatives and/or services provided, as well as exceptional excellence in doing what they do.

Global Trade listed ProTrans in the Versatile category; appropriate because flexibility and innovation is a core strength of ProTrans.  Celebrating over 25 years of experience, ProTrans’ network model manages all aspects of a customer’s supply chain with solutions that integrate with a broad range of North American and global business enterprises.

ProTrans would like to thank Global Trade for the honor of being recognized as a 2018 Versatile Top 50 3PL provider.  ProTrans is proud to receive this award. We will continue to focus our resources and software on fulfilling our customers’ needs now and into the future.” Shawn Masters, Chief Commercial Officer, ProTrans

About Global Trade Magazine

The mission of Global Trade to educate and entertain readers on ways to utilize the global marketplace to increase market share and corporate profits, through creative efficiencies in cargo transportation, banking, joint ventures, outsourcing and expansion opportunities. More information is available at

About ProTrans

ProTrans is a full-service 3PL provider offering logistics design, carrier procurement, supply chain management and transportation management for the complex needs of companies in today’s interconnected marketplace. Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, with regional offices in Novi, Michigan and Monterrey, Mexico, ProTrans operates over twenty-five (25) service centers throughout Canada, Mexico and the U.S. Visit our website to learn more.