The grand opening celebration was held on November 12, so now the public can explore everything that the 1972 community building has to offer. KCARC’s primary mission has been to give those with disabilities a purpose. At their various plants throughout the community, KCARC clients work to produce and make products shipped all over the country, but a meaningful existence includes so much more, says Michael Carney, President of KCARC. Our clients work hard, but there is more to life than just work. Our folks need to be able to seek out the same opportunities and have the same amount of fun that the public seeks out.

1972 is a total renovation of KCARC’s sewing plant, located at 711 Old Wheatland Road. This new community center offers two climbing walls, a regulation-size basketball court that along with basketball also offers human foosball and giant kickball darts. A multi-purpose room offers a laser tag area, along with a life size Battleship game.  Along with Laser Beam floor games, 1972 also has a fully stocked game room, offering all of the popular gaming systems the public enjoys, visible on small screen or the giant screens above, so that everyone in the room can see what is being played. The game room also offers a Smartboard for games and learning, along with having virtual reality available for play.

Along with all of this activity available, there are areas with swinging chairs, benches, bleachers and the dining room for visitors to relax. There is a concession stand in the shape of a food truck mural on the wall, along with plenty of other pictures, designs and visual décor. 1972 will offer a fully functional art room with a Kiln and a functioning spa. Finally, there is a fully restored and brightly colored 1972 Volkswagon Bus where visitors can sit and enjoy an LED light show and listen to musical sounds from the 70’s era on the radio.


KCARC is a multifaceted company that is committed to improving the lives of individuals with disabilities. KCARC produces 49,000 undershirts per month for the United States Military. This accounts for 56.2% of the Department of Defense entire procurement. KCARC also cans 100% of the milk for the Department of Navy for use aboard ships and 100% of DLA’s 155 mm Howitzer wood pallet handling system.