Protect your operations from the hard-hitting impacts of COVID-19. Invest in your business continuity with a proactive scheduled disinfection subscription program.

Since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, Heritage has responded to hundreds of requests for disinfection services at locations across the country. Our frontline crews now provide ongoing, routine disinfection services to help curb the spread of coronavirus.

  • Weekly or bi-weekly COVID-19 disinfecting for offices, industrial facilities, warehouses, break rooms, bathrooms and more.
  • Fogging/spraying general areas and hand wiping high-touch areas, including doorknobs, desks, vending machines, etc.
  • Use of List N disinfectants meeting EPA’s criteria for use against COVID-19.

Service Availability
This service is only available in select areas. Visit our website or speak to a rep to see if we’re providing routine disinfection services near you.

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Reach out to your Heritage rep to learn if our proactive disinfection subscription program is right for you.

For general inquiries, please email [email protected]
For immediate 24/7 support, call our dedicated virus hotline: 833-4VIRUS1