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2019 Indiana Conference on Energy Management Conference Materials

June 4, 2019

Below are the materials for the 2019 Indiana Conference on Energy Management. Click on the session title to access the materials for that session. If the session title is not linked, the materials have not yet been received from the speaker(s), unless otherwise indicated. Materials will be added as they are received.

Printing suggestion: If you would prefer to save your color ink, select the “grayscale” or “black and white” option before printing each document. You might also consider printing double-sided.

Opening Keynote Presentation: U.S. Energy Policy: Progress and Warnings
Christopher Guith, Acting President, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Concurrent Session One

1A.  Strategic Energy Management
Mark Farrell, SEM Senior Program Manager, CLEAResult; and Mark Houdek, Program Manager, Indianapolis Power & Light Company

1B.  2025: Electric Vehicles, Distributed Generation and Blockchains Make the Grid Obsolete
Peter Schubert, Professor, IUPUI

1C. Large Scale Battery Technology Is Solving Commercial and Industrial Energy Cost Issues
Gary England, Founder, England Power Systems

Concurrent Session Two

2A. Panel Discussion: Indiana’s Changing Electric Mix
Scott Hawken, Apex Clean Energy; Dale Thomas, Chief Technical Advisor, Research, Policy and Planning Division, Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission; and Amy Smith, Cummins

2B. End User Data Logging Equipment Benefits
John Reamer, Process Engineer, Subaru of Indiana

2C. Energy Cost Reduction Opportunities in Indiana Manufacturing
Pete Grills, Of Counsel, Bingham Greenbaum Doll and Anees Azzouni, President, Azzouni & Associates, Inc.

Concurrent Session Three

3A. Benefits of Electrification in Indiana
Jordan Wallpe, MW Electric Transportation Manager, Duke Energy

3B. Renewable Energy Power Purchase Agreements
Mark Dhennin, Cummins; Kelly Snyder, EDPR Renewables; and Gopi Sandhu and Caitlin Cady, Nestle

3C. Clean Air, Only Smarter
Daniel Bohrer, Sales Manager, Hastings Air Energy Control, Inc.

Concurrent Session Four

4A. Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Management and Reporting: Impacts to Climate and Business Objectives
Chris Klinkhamer, Senior Engineer, KERAMIDA, Inc.

4B. Lucky Number 13: Compliance “Gotchas” in View of New CIP-013
Sid Bose, Attorney and Nicholas Merker, Partner, Ice Miller; and Bryan Likins, Senior Counsel, NiSource