Gastroenterologist Dr. Rajiv Sharma was born and raised in Punjab, India. Growing up in an agricultural community, fresh and homemade “farm-to-table” sustenance was all Dr. Sharma knew and early on he gained an appreciation of nutritious food.

Deep knowledge and a passion for healthy living and healthy food selection were instilled in him by his parents, who taught him that “you can only have a healthy mind if you have a healthy body.” Growing up, he drank fresh milk, enjoyed mangoes and mulberries on his family farm. His father would put five almonds in his son’s school shirt pocket, so he could snack on almonds instead of candy.

Dr. Sharma’s interest in good, healthy, clean food was piqued by the science of digestion, which eventually led him to pursue gastroenterology.

He launched the Dr. Gut Happiness line of nutritional supplement products as a platform to educate consumers about gut health and offer them gut health products with high manufacturing standards. Most of the products are gluten-free and non-GMO. The Dr. Gut Happiness Brand stands for honesty, purity and transparency of labelling.

Find the Dr. Gut Happiness Brand online at, and at these retailers: Maurer Wellness Center in Brazil, Indiana, and Digestive Health Associates in Terre Haute, Indiana.

Dr. Gut Happiness is actively seeking wholesalers, retailers, social media influencers/bloggers, and strategic marketing partners for business growth.

The Gut Happiness brand was recently featured on ABC ( and Dr. Sharma has been featured on Sirius XM Health and Women’s Health magazine, to name a few.

Here are few customer reviews:

“I have so much more energy since taking these products.”

“These products seem to give my body life. Very effective.”

“I can tell a difference in my digestion and comfort level since using this product. I just feel better when my body is working right.”

For further questions please reach out to, call Dr. Sharma at (812) 250-6662 or visit

Join us in the pursuit of gut happiness.