Disher, a nationally-recognized business consulting, product development, and talent solutions firm headquartered in Zeeland, Michigan, has partnered with Leading by DESIGN to offer LEAD365 SELECTTM, a leadership opportunity based on the powerful year-long LEAD 365 program. LEAD365 SELECT is a condensed, leader-development experience. Leaders of all types, current and future, gather together once a month for half-day sessions to learn, reflect, and process on a specific leadership topic. Between sessions, participants complete reading and practical application assignments, and meet with a personal coach for deeper engagement, growth, and accountability.

LEAD365 SELECT develops leaders worth following in all aspects of life. Potential clients choose from six integrated options, most lasting four months. Each session is limited to 8-12 participants from the same or multiple organizations. Sessions are led by trained facilitators. The six themed packages include: 1) Being a Person Worth Following, 2) Building a Great Team, 3) Shaping a Great Team, 4) Creating Clarity around a Purpose, Vision, and Values, 5) Business Basics, and 6) Excellence in Communication. Sessions are held in Zeeland or at a customer’s choice of venue. Feedback clearly shows that the integrated cycle of learning from the group sessions, application assignments, and individual coaching promotes real growth and lasting behavior change.

LEAD365 SELECT meets an increasing need for cultivating leadership skills within a shorter time frame. Contact DISHER at 833.282.3730 or [email protected] to discuss a package that is right for you and your team.