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30th Annual Awards Dinner Nomination

Community of the Year Nomination Form

ENTRIES MUST BE RECEIVED BY June 14, 2019. Supporting information including photos and documents can be uploaded at the bottom of the nomination page. Entries are limited to six attachments (at bottom of page).

Please complete the information requested below.

Nominating Company / Organization *

Nominator Full Name *

Nominator Job Title *

Nominator Address *

Nominator City *

Nominator State *

Nominator Zip *

Nominator Email Address *

Nominator Telephone including area code *

Community Being Nominated *

Community Contact Name *

Community’s Population *

1. Why did the community feel it was necessary to improve its local economy and partner with business for a solution? *

2. How has this community gone about improving its local economy and addressing critical community issues during the past 3-5 years? *

3. What was the total improvement budget? (not required)

3a. How much was the public investment? (not required)

3b. How much was the private investment? (not required)

4. Explain the role of the private and public sectors in the improvement process. *

5. What other organizations and/or individuals were involved in the process? *

6. How many new jobs were generated/retained; what was the estimate of new dollars brought into the community; what was improved as a result of the public/private partnership? *

7. What other significant contributions resulted? *

8. Why does your community deserve to win the “COMMUNITY OF THE YEAR AWARD”? *

Please upload up to six supporting documents: (not required)

Supported document types: (zip,rar,pdf,doc,xls,ppt,jpg,jpeg,gif,png,docx,pptx,wpd,xlsx)
File size limit: (5MB per file upload)

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