We’ve said it before, and we’ll undoubtedly say it again. It’s not an accident that Outstanding Talent is the lead driver of the Chamber’s Indiana Vision 2025 economic development plan. I doubt that many of you reading this will disagree with that assessment in today’s skills environment.

The March-April issue of our BizVoice® magazine goes in-depth on education and workforce efforts. Its people, programs and initiatives that are striving to be part of the solution. Here are just a few of the 15 stories, profiles and columns to check out. All are available through the interactive BizVoice Digital edition:

Infosys is the subject of one of the feature stories. Not only is it doing its part to help meet tech workforce needs, but we check in on the development of its U.S. Education Center and its plans for a tech hub campus.

Rick Cardwell, leader of the Indiana operation, shares a very interesting perspective on the state’s tech ecosystem and the importance of what’s next. He says:

“The ecosystem is more diverse than what coastal areas give us credit for – with Salesforce here, with now Infosys here. There are more niche start-ups, trying to solve a singular problem instead of being a jack of all trades. I think that is interesting. What I see lacking is we need a third big company to come in, to cement us as the tech hub in the Midwest.

“It’s either we’re going to win or we’re going to lose,” he continues. “Either we win, or Nashville wins, or Cincinnati wins or Columbus wins. That’s where the talent is going to go, that’s where people are going to move.”

Let’s all be part of making Indiana the winner in that battle.

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Adam H. Berry is vice president of economic development and technology at the Indiana Chamber of Commerce. He joined the organization in 2019.