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Religion in the Workplace

Religion in the Workplace: A Guide for the Indiana Employer

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What is it?

Employee claims of religious discrimination and harassment have been on the rise in recent years, especially following the events of September 11, 2001. Despite this alarming trend, many employers are unaware of the steps they should take when religious issues occur in the workplace, thus exposing themselves to potential liability. Religion in the Workplace: A Guide for the Indiana Employer explores the somewhat gray area in which an employee’s right to religious freedom and an employer’s right to regulate its workplace intersect. This guide provides valuable tips for protecting yourself and your company while treating your employees legally and sensitively.

How many pages is it?

Over 80 pages of easy-to-read text that includes everything employers need to know to deal with religious issues in the workplace.

Who wrote it?

A team of attorneys from the Indiana-based law firm of Ogletree Deakins.

Who should order this product?

  • Business owners
  • Company presidents
  • CEOs
  • Employee relations specialists
  • General managers
  • Human resource professionals
  • Personnel managers
  • Supervisors
  • Anyone interested in being in compliance!

What topics are covered?

  • Major world religions and their prevalence in Indiana and the United States
  • Federal employment law and its relationship to religion
  • Determining what constitutes a religion and what constitutes a sincerely held belief
  • Understanding religious accommodation in the workplace, especially with regard to work schedules, attire and grooming issues, and refusal to perform certain job functions
  • Religious harassment and steps for minimizing harassment claims
  • Handling religious speech at work
  • Post-9/11 issues, especially those related to the rights of Arabs, Muslims, South Asians and Sikhs in the workplace
  • Practical tips to avoid religious discrimination in employment

When was this guide published?

This guide was published in August 2006.

This guide is part of the Indiana Chamber’s Booklet Series.

To order, add this guide to your shopping cart or call customer service at (800) 824-6885.

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