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Guide to Hiring and Firing ePub

Indiana Guide to Hiring and Firing – 6th Edition ePub

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When was this edition published?

November 2016

What’s new in the sixth edition?

  • Indiana’s second chance law prohibiting discrimination against persons because of a conviction or arrest that is expunged or sealed
  • Ban the Box ordinances and limitations on inquiring about criminal histories in applications
  • FMLA terms concerning qualifying exigency leave for military family members
  • Limitations on restricting employee access to social media and making comments about employment conditions based on recent NLRB decisions
  • Expansion of the ADA to encompass pregnancy related disabilities
  • Limitations on at-will disclaimers imposed by the NLRB
  • Revisions to the interpretation of discrimination statutes concerning gender identity and sexual orientation
  • A clearly written manual that outlines employers’ legal responsibilities during the employment process, from interviewing to termination of employment.