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LC Problem-Solving Academy Inc.

LC Problem-Solving Academy Inc.

The 501(c)3 Lean Concepts (LC) Problem-Solving Academy provides experiential-learning training programs, led by a national Industry certified trainer, that helps applicants prepare for internships and to jumpstart their careers. These programs, starting on the industry end of our mission bridge, primarily focus on the following four areas to help prepare these applicants, using both knowledge and demonstration, to be both ready-to-work and eager-to-engage in work:

  1. Demonstrating application of career-transferable work processes
  2. Rigor and breadth of gap problem solving
  3. Improving personal (job selection) skills
  4. Taking ownership of their processes

This training includes learning to evaluate and improve employability skills, career-ready goals and internship guideline opportunities.

Feedback from our successful three-year proof-of-concept of 180+ postsecondary students included:

  1. Recruiters ranking graduates in the top 10% of desired new hires
  2. Graduates reporting signing bonuses of 10% to 30%
  3. Business able to hire problem-solving and productivity-improvement team members
  4. Fellow instructors reporting higher engagement of students in their other classes

Note: People come out of school ill-prepared to deal with problem solving in their personal and professional lives and problem-solver is the primary in-demand position of most businesses. Problem-solving skills are best taught to help us solve the gaps, differences between current observation and specified or desired result, we encounter every day – in production, patient care, booking an itinerary for a traveler, our mastery of soft skills, in a company’s culture, etc. As such, gap problem-solving skills can also be useful as a self- or group-evaluation process of our mastery of above skill sets.

And problem-solving is the cornerstone of the career-transferable work processes. We help applicants learn to use a variety of problem-solving approaches, including the scientific Plan, Do, Study (or check), Act approach, which help provide the opportunity of learning both rigor and breadth in our problem-solving actions.

The primary benefit to the ultimate customer – business/industry, is enabling more time to spend working with the high achieving group 1 new hires – enjoy the work, readily engage and excel since group 3 new hires – hate the work, won’t engage, and demand a different job are virtually eliminated and group 2 new hires – don’t like the work, struggle to engage, but do their best are reduced.

Suggested value proposition of this collaboration includes training flexibility (content, time, etc.) and suggesting businesses donate $1,000 for each ready-to-work and eager-to-engage graduate job applicant and $250 for each intern hired. Note: Half of each donation can be claimed at year’s end as a donation to help continuously evaluate, improve and expand program utility to our customers.

For additional information, please view the posts on the LinkedIn site for Harold Rife.