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Christel House International

Christel House International

Founded in 1998 by Indianapolis businesswoman Christel DeHaan, Christel House breaks the cycle of poverty and offers low income students a pathway to become contributing members of society while realizing their hopes and dreams. Worldwide, more than 4,000 impoverished students are beating the odds and discovering their personal roadmap to success through Christel House’s holistic human development model.

The Christel House Academy Network of schools serves students in Indianapolis. Christel House also serves students at nonresidential learning centers in India, Mexico and South Africa.

Students receive:

  • rigorous academic and character development instruction,
  • nutrition,
  • health care and social services,
  • transportation,
  • uniforms,
  • college and career guidance,
  • life skills,
  • diverse extra-curricular offerings,
  • learning supports and remediation,
  • and a supportive, nurturing learning environment.

Worldwide, Christel House keeps students in school, increases their learning, instills character and values, and prepares graduates to successfully pursue further education and meaningful employment as an adult.

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Visit our website. Sign up to receive Christel House news. Follow us on social media. Donate. Participate in the Indianapolis Christel House Open golf tournament (June), Fort Wayne Christel House Open golf tournament (Sept) and the Christel House Concert.


  • Angela Knezevich, Manager of Marketing, PR and Social Media

  • (866) 424-5437