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Please review the FAQ below, or fill out the form and a member of our team will be in touch within one business day. You can also contact Brett Hulse, Director of Membership Strategy, at (317) 264-6898 or [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions

The best source to answer eligibility questions (or any questions related to health benefits) is your insurance broker. However, if you have general questions about ChamberCare or Indiana Chamber membership, we’ll certainly do our best to answer them or direct you to someone who can.

Simply fill out the form below and indicate in the “Question” box that you need help finding a broker. We’ll put you in touch with someone who can help you find a trusted advisor to work with.

In all but one case, the answer is no. The Indiana Chamber is separate and not the parent organization for local chambers in the state; therefore, a unique membership with us is required. The one exception is for Indianapolis. Companies located in Marion County can enroll in the ChamberCare program with an Indy Chamber membership.

First and foremost, Indiana Chamber members benefit from our legislative advocacy work to make Indiana the best state in which to do business. In 2019, each member company saw a $616 return per employee for these advocacy efforts! Member companies also receive complimentary business assistance through our popular helplines and access to custom data from our Business Research Center. Additionally, members can take advantage of discounted pricing for most Indiana Chamber conferences and publications, office supplies from STAPLES and tuition rebates from Ivy Tech’s Achieve Your Degree program. A full rundown of membership benefits and resources can be found here.

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