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Your 2016 Legislative Return on Investment

In this annual financial impact assessment, learn what the Indiana Chamber’s lobbying efforts at the Statehouse mean to your bottom line. The 2016 General Assembly saw the Chamber advocate for and achieve numerous public policy victories that will have a lasting positive impact on the state’s economy and the prosperity of its residents. Additionally, the Chamber defeated several measures that would have cost businesses over $200 million. (*Printable document*)

In total, the Chamber’s work yielded savings of $1.435 billion for Hoosier businesses OR $546 per employee. Specific savings are listed below by bill and subject matter, in total and per employee. Also noted is the indeterminable value of a vital policy area: education and workforce development; the majority of which cannot be quantified.

Business Savings:
$1.435 billion or $546 per employee

Civil Justice
Reasonable and controlled increased medical malpractice limits (SEA 28)
$50 million; $19.02/employee
Restrictions on legal practice known as “lawsuit lending”
(HEA 1127)
$40 million; $15.21/employee
Economic Development and Infrastructure
Supplemental distribution of local income tax for local infrastructure (SEA 67)

$400 million; $152.13/employee
Short-term road funding and allowance for additional Regional Cities initiative (HEA 1001) $300 million; $114.10/employee
Defeated – Unreasonably high data breach fines (HB 1357) $10 million; $3.80/employee
Employment and Labor
Prohibition against ordinances restricting employee 
scheduling (SEA 20) 

$75 million; $28.52/employee
Defeated – Option for prevailing wage (SB 319 and SB 346) $50 million; $19.02/employee
Defeated – Mandated paid leave policies (HB 1139 and HB 1328) $30 million; $11.41/employee
Defeated – Mandated increases in minimum wage
(HB 1265)
$25 million; $9.51/employee
Defeated – Loss of business license for employing
unauthorized aliens (SB 285)
$25 million; $9.51/employee
Changes to unemployment insurance procedures (HEA 1334)     $20 million; $7.61/employee
Energy and Environment
Long-term water infrastructure maintenance funding (SEA 257 and SEA 383)

$100 million; $38.03/employee
More efficient solid waste handling (SEA 256 and SEA 366) $20 million; $7.61/employee
Underground tank remediation fund (SEA 255)     $10 million; $3.80/employee
Planning future water usage needs (SEA 347) $10 million; $3.80/employee
Health Care and Insurance
Prescribing authority for telemedicine (HEA 1263)  

$80 million; $30.43/employee
Codification of Healthy Indiana Plan 2.0 (SEA 165) $70 million; $26.62/employee
Defeated – Mandated health insurance coverages (SB 370)    $25 million; $$9.51/employee
Defeated – Provisions for prescription drug requirements (HB 1390) $25 million; $$9.51/employee
Repeal and replacement of commercial assessment mandates (HEA 1290)

$40 million; $15.21/employee
Defeated – Egregious income tax reporting provisions (SB 323) $30 million; $11.41/employee

Total Savings for Indiana Business: $1.435 Billion
Total Savings Per Employee: $546

Your Return on Investment
10 employees = savings of $5,460
25 employees = savings of $13,650
50 employees = savings of $27,300
100 employees = savings of $54,600
200 employees = savings of $109,200
500 employees = savings of $273,000

Plus the Value of Education and Workforce Development Initiatives:
The Indiana Chamber also played a leading role in the development and passage of important education and workforce development legislation. While difficult to quantify the specific fiscal impact of these changes, we know from economic research, economic development professionals, site selection consultants and our own membership the importance of these matters to the cost of doing business. Thus, we note the important accomplishments in education and workforce development as a significant – albeit unquantifiable – return on investment.

IMPORTANT NOTES: Business impact calculations are based on fiscal impact estimates of the Legislative Services Agency, independent studies, other available data and research materials, and Indiana Chamber analysis. Business impact per employee is calculated by using the estimated number of employed workers statewide in March 2016 (2,629,300).

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